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Stuart Harris于2020年8月26日发布

With the travel restrictions in place, companies are struggling to keep their teams engaged and connected.

Staff are either overworked or demotivated and customers are actively looking to reconnect regional teams and dealing quickly and effectively with the constantly evolving situation.

Our mission at Team Building Asia is three-fold:

  • Reconnect teams,
  • Align their minds, and
  • Improve teamwork

All resulting in better organizational productivity and happier employees.

Over the last 18 years, we have been helping 100’s of companies with engagement experiences physically and over the last 6 months, virtually.

We work closely with you to lay out key objectives, explore and select from the different delivery platforms and experiences available, and finally integrate learning outcomes to bring value to you.

Most of our customers in recent times are coming to us for help in

  • Connecting newly onboarded staff,
  • Re-energizing teams spread across the world, and
  • Preparing teams to take on large changes.

So, let’s take team building seriously…by putting the team back into your teamwork and ensuring you are creating a memorable experience for your teams, virtual – live – hybrid

We’re always looking for new problems to solve and would like to know what challenges you are facing?

Reach us at enquiries@teambuildingsia.com to schedule a free, no commitment consult.

Stuart Harris

Team Building Asia 联合创始人、任事股东

Stuart在酒店娱乐业有着极为广泛的人脉与关系网络,这使得Team Building Asia 能够在团队活动中将传统与创新完美结合,成为香港与亚洲地区声名最为卓著的团队建设企业。

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