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Time Management 2

David Simpson于2014年9月2日发布

Do you get the feeling that time and your life are whizzing by and you seem to be stuck in the slow lane?

Well, now is the time to wake up, shape up and get into REAL action. But how?


For a start if you are feeling lethargic and spend too much time being sedentary, now is the time to start working on those abs etc., particularly with summer fast approaching. By getting physical regularly, you will feel better about yourself, have more energy and therefore more time. Not to mention the positive comments and becoming eye candy again!

Personal Vision

Don’t have one? Well now that you have more energy you will have the time to think about the rest of your life. Okay, we can chunk it down – say the next 2 years. Life is too short and for all of us and we do not know how short it is really going to be. So do not waste any of it.

Take time out to visualize, day dream, meditate - whatever it is for you. It is important to take that quiet time to let those important thoughts percolate into your conscious mind. Then before they percolate out of your head – write them down.

Develop a compelling vision of your future. Now, this may take a little time as you work with your ideas and develop them. Make sure it is a bright, technicolour, three dimensional etc., future, that just the thought of it gets your creative and action juices working together.

Think about it everyday. Refine and develop it.


Yes, it is time for lights, camera AND action. Give your compelling vision ‘legs’ by taking action. If you do not take action then before you know it someone else has garnered your vision and implemented it for themselves.

Everyday think of at least three things you can do to bring your personal vision closer to it happening now.

Now my personal challenge to you: Live a life that inspires you

David Simpson

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