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Wellness in the Workplace


The term ‘wellness’ is a popular one these days as many companies are attempting to decrease health care costs and demonstrate employee appreciation through employee wellness programmes. Just think that a quick and simple investment of your time will reap many benefits of an improved working environment, where you become more productive and healthy.

Two options currently available are:

1) Interactive Seminars: ‘Take wellness into your own hands’

These seminars provide work teams with practical information about how to take their health and productivity ‘into their own hands’ and back to their workstations. Each seminar covers important ergonomic/postural considerations and concepts for a certain body area (Neck; Upper back and Shoulders; Arms and Hands; Low back and Hips; Legs and Feet).

2) Hands-On Health: ‘Individual, hands-on care and education’

This programme provides hands-on relief with practical follow-up suggestions for each team member. Treatment includes back, neck, shoulders and arms, with assisted stretching demonstrations, which you can use daily in your own work space.

These new and innovative ways of achieving wellness goals is completely unique in Hong Kong and in Asia. Find out more at www.sccentre.com.hk

By Sutherland Chan

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